Best baby thermometer: The Expert Buyers Guide

Babies cry for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they cry when they are feeling lonely, sometimes they cry when they are hungry, and on some dreadful occasions they cry when they are sick. Now, for a parent, it is not easy to understand the reason of baby’s discomfort, unless they have proper tools with him/her.

When babies are sick, they develop fever. This is a defence mechanism that all human beings have. By increasing body temperature, our immunity system is trying to get rid of disease causing agent in our bodies. While it is possible to get an indication about the fever by touching baby’s forehead, it is better use a specialized baby temperature monitor.


In this post, I am going to share with you a list of top 10 baby thermometers that you can purchase in 2016.

Just-Brill digital thermometer: This baby thermometer is the third best-selling baby thermometer that you can purchase right now. It comes with accurate readings that will help you find out whether your baby is having fever. It is not priced very high, and thus you will be able to afford it, even if you are on a really tight budget.

VitalTemp baby thermometer: This is a highly popular and massively advanced thermometer. It comes with Infrared technology. You simply point at the forehead of the baby and the display on this device is going to give you an accurate reading of temperature. It is a medium priced product that is the second best-selling product in this category.

Recommended Product Reviews Sites:

Braun Thermoscan 5: This is the number 1 baby thermometer that you can purchase in 2016. It is an ear thermometer, which means to read baby’s temperature; you will have to place the tip of this thermometer in his ear.

San Sero: This is another infrared thermometer that will give you the result almost instantly. It is slightly expensive than other baby thermometers because of IR technology.

Graco 1: This is another ear baby thermometer that will give you accurate readings. It is has been rated 4.6/5 by most users, which is a clear indication that people love this product.

Safety 1st Gental Read: This is a rectal baby thermometer. You will have to place it inside the rectum of the baby. While the idea might sound gross to you, but a lot of doctors prefer reading temperature of the baby via rectum scan.

The Years American Red Cross: This is another popular digital pacifier thermometer that you can purchase to get instant value of your baby’s temperature. This is a thermometer that is really popular among doctors all over the globe.

Summer Infant: If you want a high quality product and don’t mind spending a little bit extra, then you should purchase this pacifier thermometer from the house of Summer Infant.

Mabis Digital: This thermometer is dirt cheap and comes with a beeper, which will sound when the temperature reading is done.

Apex Digital – This is another low-cost pacifier thermometer that you can purchase if you are tight on cash.

How to Make Segmented Wood Bowls?

Wooden bowls are always a treat to eyes, and if you are thinking to create a segmented wood bowl, then it’s an excellent idea. You need different blocks of wood in contrasting shades to create a segmented wood bowl. To create as well as design the segmented wood bowls is much more challenging than creating single block wood bowls. However, you cannot think about any other way to create that beautiful segmented attire.

You need to go through few steps while making a segmented wood bowl. Here is a guide for your help. Have a look at it.

What are the things you will need to make segmented wood bowls?

  • Table saw
  • Protractor
  • Wood blocks (lightly toned)
  • Sandpaper
  • Ruler
  • Band saw
  • Wood blocks (dark toned).
  • Wood glue
  • Wood planer
  • Woodchuck
  • Varnish
  • Wood tendons

How to Make Segmented Wood Bowls?

  1. Imagine a design you want to give to your segmented wood bowl and draw it on a piece of white paper with a ruler and pencil. The shape of the wood bowls is based on the geometric circle. Explore the shapes and segments of the wooden blocks and start drawing.
  2. Determine how many layers of wood you want and according to that draw the circles. For instance, if you want to make a checkerboard looking wood bowl, then the number of layers it will have is 5. It will have ten segments and will be of two contrasting shades- light and dark toned both. Now divide every section with a 36-degree angle or directly 360 by 10.
  3. Take a circle of the wood to prepare the base of the wooden bowl. Choose any tone of the wooden block and cut it with the help of the band saw. Now take both the wooden blocks and cut some different pairs of rings to make your desired pattern.
  4. Now take the segmented layers of the block together and dry-fit those. Remember to arrange the segments according to the pattern you want. Now use e wooden glue to attach the layers correctly but do not attach the base to them yet. Let it stay for a while to get dry.
  5. Take the woodchuck you have and place the cylinder of the sections present onto it. To smooth the edges of the sections present, you need to use the wood tendon and attach them at the end of the woodchuck. It will help to hold back the cylinder sections.
  6. Now measure both the exterior as well the interior part of the bowls and remove the tail stock of the woodchuck. You can also drill out the remaining part of the wooden dust or materials that are not needed. To hollow the interior part of the bowl, take out the woodchuck slowly and gently.
  7. Mount the cylindrical section to the base and use glue to attach them together. You can also use sand as per your requirements in the interior as well as exterior sides of the bowl. Varnish it to give the segmented wood bowl a perfect finish look.

Keyword Rich Domain VS. Brand-Able: Which One To Choose?


The first step to creating a successful blog is selecting a name for it. A new domain name will cost you roughly $10 a year and you will have two options, either to register a keyword rich domain name, or to register a brand-able domain name.Let’s understand the difference between the two with an example. When I was building a website in the weight loss niche, I had two choices, either to go with or The former domain name has the keyword weight loss in it, which I then believe could help me rank better in Google rankings, but I decided to go with because I could create a brand out of it, plus the domain name is easy to remember.


Common SEO myth is that having keywords in domain name help get better rankings in Google. This is not true, in fact, Google was built to rank higher authority sites rather than keyword stuffed sites. But that doesn’t mean that a site that has keywords in domain name cannot be high authority, in which case the site will rank well in Google. For example, has the keywords ‘blogger’ in it, but the site also has thousands of links from high authority sites, because of which it ranks well in Google.

So, since SEO is out of the picture, in terms of pure user engagement, let’s find out which type of domain name is better.

Keyword rich domain names

The key advantage of having a keyword rich domain name is that it clears to ‘content’ to the user almost instantly. For example, whenever somebody will read, they will be able to judge that the site will contain information about biker gear, but can you figure the same thing out from a domain name like While some people may be able to guess that this blog is about bikes, but they won’t be able to judge whether the site is a travel blog, an experience blog, a review blog or an ecommerce stores – this is the key benefit of having a keyword rich domain for your blog.

Brand-able domain names

The main advantage of having a brand-able domain name is that it is easier for readers to associate to, share and like. A short domain like is easily pronounceable and easy to remember. Pair that with a good logo and you will find a sweet spot in user’s memory from day 1. Having a brand-able domain name also lets you approach other brands for sponsorships, collaborations etc. easily. Also, brand-able domain is much easily available as compared to keyword rich domain names. A lot of people in the internet marketing industry have software finding and registering keyword rich domain names, which is not the case for brand-able domains. You can go to to get ideas for your brand-able domain.


8 Common BBQing Mistakes that Beginners Make

Grilling is not as easy as simple cooking. You need to be an expert and an ace griller to do everything with subtle ease and care. The pain is unbearable and unexplainable when you see a scorched chicken after hours of dedicated grilling practice.

BBQ Mistakes

Apart from poor meat you can also face burnt hands or silly scars. To be a decent griller you surely need to learn from the common mistakes committed by others. By learning, we urge you to avoid the possibility of committing them;

1: The common habit of delaying on Prepping Ingredients:

No matter which dish you are cooking always be prepared with the required   ingredients. Perform all the necessary functions on them be it chopping, mixing or peeled, etc. You need to keep everything at place to be a good cook in future.

2: Missing on the Installation of the best of the Tools:

By tools don’t misunderstand us to be talking about expensive, luxurious tools or accessories. Rather we want you to get familiar with ordinary yet important tools that can turn your grilling experience fruitful. Make sure you’ve got a good smoker, if you’re not sure where to look then start with

You must own a thermometer, tongs to avoid burns.

3:  Delay in cleaning and wiping:

It’s very important to clean the grates and grill before starting with your cooking venture if you don’t clean them before storing. Make sure there are no residues of food particles of the last time you grilled. A clean grill is also important as it is non sticky and keeps food at a bay from grates.

4:  Upsetting over premature Grilling:

If you use charcoal briquettes then they should be suitably lit before putting them over the grill. Otherwise their chemical content is highly active and kills the flavor.

5:  Shielding it entirely:

Don’t cover the entire vent area while making gooey burgers, steaks, chicken. Shutting must be strictly prohibited because it leads to formation of acrid smoke that tastes awful.

But don’t throw the grill cover because it helps at the time of indirect grilling.

6:  Sauce that too at the beginning of your cooking:

A lot of people tend to add Sauces just at the commencement of their cooking without knowing the fact. Put them just few hours before the final step to add desired antioxidants.

7: Ditching the Thermometer:

You can’t check the doneness of the meat using your palm nor it fits if you cut it into pieces to verify the inner temperature.

Just buy yourself a nice thermometer.

8: Rushing leads to Mess:

To infuse those flavors into the pieces of meat you need to lend meat some time to cool down.

Wait before serving and let it cool to enjoy those flavors.

5 Common Mistakes that Are Ruining Your Pasta

While you are in kitchen common mistakes are committed without your knowledge, these errors have been ruining your diet and spoiling your dishes. Here are few tips on the most common mistakes one can determine while cooking pasta in their kitchen.

One should keep in mind that safety is first while going in the kitchen and he/she should ensure protective measures are at place because prevention is always better than cure. 


Five common mistakes that are ruining your pasta.

Not choosing the right one’s

There are not a hundred types of different shapes of pasta there are few but one has to be very careful during the selection of the various shapes because that affects the pasta. Noodles,  sphagetti, bowtie, etc. There are many shapes but a correct decision is required regarding your pasta to make a perfect pasta free of flaws.

Tip: try and select only one shape of pasta to enhance the taste of your pasta and reduce the nuisance. Also, make sure you have a good pull down faucet so that you can wash it without wasting a lot of water.

You Forgot to add salt in boiling water

Salt is an essential part of our food.  No salt means no flavour. Indians don’t eat food which is without salt. Hence adding salt is most important making salt one of the most essential ingredient of pasta. Different spices and other salts may help in building up the flavour of pasta but salt cannot be replaced or substituted.

Blindly following the timings on the box

Some people blindly follow the timings given on the table. Many of the times the timings are wrong so people end up either leaving their pasta uncooked or overcooking their pasta and spoiling its taste. Sometimes the time mentioned on the box is according to a particular heating temperature and people without paying attention to the temperature blindly follow the timings and end up spoiling their pasta for a minuscule and silly reason.

Dumping all the cooking water

Dumping all the cooking water is a waste. Cooking water can be further used in the preparation of sauce of the pasta and the leftover in other dishes still if water is left it can be used to water plants as this water is not a waste. The sauce made of cooking water is far better thicker and tastier than sauce made of regular fresh water. This importance of cooking water is neglected and often all the boiling water is thrown away spoiling the broth. 

You let the pasta sit too long before adding sauce

After the pasta has been boiled, it should not be kept too long before adding sauce to it as it makes the pasta harder and difficult to chew . Furthermore the pasta loses its flavour extracted from salty water and hence after taking out pasta from boiling water within 10 minutes it should be poured in the sauce prepared so that it tastes the best of all.

The Top 10 Aftermarket Speakers That You Can Buy For Your Car.

The main goal of any car maker is to maximize their profits. Car industry is one sector where making profit is very difficult. With increasing competition, the cost of acquiring customer has become very high and because of that companies’ profit margins have taken a hit. To make some profit, car makers try to use the cheapest equipment possible when it comes to accessories. So if your car speakers don’t sound well, now you know why. Car speakers that come installed in most cars are not capable of producing high quality music and if you like listening to music while driving, you should invest in good quality car speakers.


The upgrade that you should make is buying 6.5 inch speakers. Now if you are not familiar with all the brands and costs, don’t worry. In this post, you will learn about the top 10 aftermarket speakers that you can buy for your car.

  1. JBL GTO608C – JBL GTO608C is an entry-level 2-way speaker that you can purchase for your vehicle. It is an averagely priced item and because of that and several other features, it is one of the top selling 6.5 inch speakers in the market.
  2. JL Audio C2-650X – JL Audio C2-650X is a 2-way car speaker that you should purchase if you want premium audio experience in your car and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks. It is one of the highest rated and top selling products in this category and the major reason for that is that this speakers set belongs to the evolution series of products.
  3. Boss Audio CH6530Boss Audio CH6530 is a high quality 3 way speaker system; It comes in 6.5 inch form factor and you can purchase it for a really low price. It belongs to the Chaos series of products.
  4. Pioneer TS-A1675R – Pioneer TS-A1675R is a 6.5 inch coaxial car speaker that belongs to the TS series. This 3 way speaker is an absolute delight for people who love enjoying music. Since listening to music is the biggest pastime for most people, purchasing this speaker is going to be a good decision.
  5. Infinity Reference 6032cf – Infinity Reference 6032cf is a high performance speaker that can deliver up to 180 watt of power. It is a 2-way speaker that is not going to drive away your wallet.
  6. Polk Audio DB651 – The most striking feature of this speaker is its looks. It looks very nice and has superior build quality. Polk Audio DB651 is a medium range product and average ratings of 4.6/5.
  7. Pyle PL63BL – Pyle PL63BL is another high performance speaker that you can buy. It comes with 360 watt power output.
  8. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 – Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is a budget 3-way coaxial speaker.
  9. Boss CH6500 Chaos – Boss CH6500 Chaos is a 2-way chaos series speaker that comes with a slim wall mount.
  10. Kenwood KFC-1665S – Kenwood KFC-1665S is a powerful 300 watt 6.5 inch speaker that comes with 2-way output. It belongs to the sport series and has flush mount coaxial design.